New Article From Dan Bacon: How To Talk To A Woman Having Sex With Someone

Dan Bacon still has a chanceSo, you're saying there's still a chance?

Sydney, Australia — Dan Bacon has just released another must-read article for douchebags looking to pick up women – especially if you prefer to pick up women who are already doing other things. How To Pick Up Women Having Sex With Someone is ground-breaking work in the pick-up genre, and life-changing for those who’ve already begun to learn from it.

“It just came out, but even after reading it once, I already feel like I still have a shot at the girl who goes home with someone else after the club closes,” Trent Guy told us outside the Chinese Laundry nightclub. “Generally, I won’t work one girl for a whole night – all of our training actually teaches against that – but there’s always those holy grails that you run into and … you know, sometimes you go against your training. But, now I know, there are still options available. She can leave with another guy. Make out with him. Even be having sex, and I have some tools in my toolbox still.”

“If you are going to talk to a woman who is already having sex with someone, just keep in mind that some women will immediately stop having sex to chat to you,” Dan Bacon said, in a way that felt completely inappropriate. “Some will make it obvious that they don’t want to be bothered and others might want to talk to you, but first want to see if you will remain confident if she doesn’t immediately begin talking to you. It all comes down to confidence whether she’s wearing headphones or reverse-cowgirling someone.”

Dan Bacon after the accident.

Dan Bacon was forced to come up with ways to harass women into interacting with him after the accident which left him looking like this.

Some women we spoke with said that they would be turned off by someone trying to talk with them while they were actively engaged in sex with another human being.

“That can’t be real?” said one woman outside the Chinese Laundry. “Seriously, how would they even get into the house? It doesn’t even sound legal. That’s stalking to a really screwed up level.”

Another said she tired of these stupid pick-up games a long time ago.

“The guys who follow that stuff, by and large, are immature and not attractive to anyone who hasn’t been drugged. The fact that there are these ‘gurus’ who make a living by teaching others their stupid ideas show that there are more desperate men than I thought was possible – which, honestly, is a bit sad. If you want to talk with me, please feel free to walk up and introduce yourself. However, pay attention; If I am wearing headphones, tell you I don’t want to talk or, god forbid, I am having sex then here’s a clue: I don’t want to talk with you. Being respectful will get you further with women than any ‘method’ some asshole is selling you.”

Dan Bacon warns against such feedback from women, however.

“Don’t ever think that you’re doing a bad thing by approaching and talking to a woman in a confident, easy going way. This goes for any situation – and whether she has said that she wants to continue the conversation or not. Every woman wants to be talked to by men, it’s genetic. Sometimes they are just unaware at the time. But, and science backs me up on this, there are genetic switches that can be switched on and off in real-time. We are just teaching men how to access and activate those switches. You can read all about this new research in my next book, which should be out just in time for Christmas.”

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