About The IAA

GolfSeeing a need for people of a certain persuasion to have a common place to meet and interact, The IAA was started in 1765 by Benjamin Franklin and John Adams over a pint of cider at a pub in Quincy, MA. Originally, a secret organization operating similarly to The Illuminati, its existence was made public in 1912 after the Titanic was lost and a list of members washed ashore in Canada. Found on the beach by Celine Dion’s grandfather, he threatened to make the data public if not allowed to become a member. Since The IAA does not negotiate with assholes, the decision was made to go public and the organization was known as the “No Dions Club” for three years afterward before finally reinstating the original name. To this day, however, no person directly from the Dion bloodline is allowed to become a member.

The membership mostly remained exclusive for the first 150+ years, but membership rolls grew quickly once Bill Cosby became the official spokesperson of the organization, and his career took off. His skill at convincing average people to join was unparalleled – many members who he recruited often will say that he was so good at convincing them to join that they don’t recall ever filling out the paperwork!

Today, we remain a shining beacon in very dark places, an organization where people who would not be accepted anywhere else in the world are welcomed with open arms. From simple roots, a great forest has grown and has provided shelter and support to countless members over the years. We look forward to many more decades supporting those who support us, and continuing to branch out – eventually shading the entire world with our limbs and pulling everyone into the same dark depths that we know so well.